Welcome to the Village of Ravenna Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was established on August 6, 2002 in accordance with Michigan State Law, Public Act No. 197 of 1975. The DDA is a non-profit public entity that focuses on the revitalization of the business district of Ravenna.

The Village of Ravenna DDA strives to make the downtown a vibrant space that will attract local residents, visitors, and boost commerce in the DDA district. The DDA is dedicated to enriching the lives of people living in Ravenna by supporting them through change and by enabling them to determine and develop their own community.

The DDA seeks to correct and prevent deterioration in the downtown business district and to promote the economic growth of the DDA district. Currently DDA projects include:

1. developing a Downtown Market Study of Ravenna which includes downtown market stategies, retail and commercial analysis, residential analysis, and economic analysis

2. set-up a Façade Improvement Grant Program to assist businesses
to improve visibility to the public

Market Study done in 2010
This report presents specific strategy recommendations for retail, commercial, residential and economic growth through the next five to twenty years, and specifically for the Village of Ravenna, Michigan. Ravenna is located in Muskegon County, which is positioned along Lake Michigan’s eastern coastline. It is a relatively remote, small community that does not have a direct connection to an interstate highway, and is probably destined to remain a small community for the foreseeable future.

Click here to download the Village of Ravenna Downtown Market Strategy Report. Requires Adobe Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader click here to install.


Façade Grant and application
The Village of Ravenna Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has determined that a portion of the revenues collected by the DDA should be used to enhance the building facades found in downtown Ravenna.  The DDA is adopting a plan for façade improvements in cooperation with private property owners to enhance the appearance of individual building, storefronts, and signs that improves the visual character of the downtown and plays a major role in the marketing success of the business district.

Façade Improvement Program

Sign and Facade Improvement Grant Applications


The DDA Meets on the 3rd Monday of January, March, June, and September
Member's Name Position Business Name Phone E-Mail
Craig Cameron Chair Craig Cameron, DDS,PLC Family Dentristry 231-853-6618 drcraig@craigcamerondds.com
Phil Annis Vice Chair Phil Annis Insurance Agency 231-853-2828 phillip.annis2@gmail.com
Steve Patterson Member Village of Ravenna DPW 231-855-1507 ravdpw@aol.com
Dave Ruble Member   616-307-8094 DERUBLE36@yahoo.com
Brian KuBanek Member Ravenna Foods 231-853-2203 bkubfamily@frontier.com
Bill Funk Secretary Throop Funeral Home 231-853-6511 wlmfunk@yahoo.com
Ralph Rogers Member Rogers Printing 231-853-6839
Steve VanderWoude Member Pastor of First Reform Church 231-853-6621 sjvanderw@tat.net
Dennis Wildfong Member Village President 231-853-6462