Village Information

Village of Ravenna
12090 Crockery Creek Drive
Ravenna, MI 49451
Home Rule Village
Muskegon County
United States of America

Council meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month @ 7:00 p.m. 
at the village offices located at 12090 Crockery Creek Drive.

Steve Dohm: President, Term Exp. 11/20/22
Gordy Plescher: President Pro Tem: Term Exp.11/20/24
Kent Boersema: Term Exp.11/20/22
Shari Luce: Term Exp. 11/20/24
Gary Marsman: Term Exp.11/20/22

Emily Carrigan Email, Clerk
Holly Nerli Email, Treasurer
Brad Osmer Email, DPW
Geoff Nelson Email, DPW
Brian Mann Email, DPW

Planning Commission meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
@ 7:00 p.m. at the village offices located at 12090 Crockery Creek Drive.

Larua Peterson,
Chairman: Term Exp. 01/01/22

Wes Dault, Vice Chair: Term Exp. 01/01/24
Steve Dohm: Village Pres: Term Exp.11/20/22
Dave Ruble: Term Exp. 01/01/23
Jon Morey: Term Exp. 01/01/23
Dan Wingard:Secretary: Term Exp. 01/01/24
Vacant: Term Exp. 01/01/22
 Term Exp. 01/01/23
Vacant: Term Exp. 11/20/22

ZA:Gordy Plescher

Building: MTS - Michigan Township Services (231)865-3310 or (231)865-6977
Electrical: MTS - (231)865-3310 or (231)865-6977
Plumbing & Mechanical: MTS- (231)865-3310 or (231)865-6977

Gordy Plescher EmailZoning Administrator
Brad A. Fowler: Village Attorney
Brickley DeLong: Village Auditor

Personnel – Marsman & Luce
Utilities – Plescher & Boersema
Planning – Dohm
Parks – Dohm & Marsman
DDA – Dohm & Plescher 
Building and Grounds – Council
Finances – Dohm & Boersema
Zoning Board of Appeals -Council
Streets -  Luce

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Village of Ravenna

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  12090 Crockery Creek Dr. Ravenna, MI 49451
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